Retained Recruitment
Why Retained Recruitment Is the Best Option For Clients Looking for Executive Level Employees

Finding a suitable candidate for a job is usually a task that many people think of as an easy one. However, in reality this process is not easy and it takes a lot of effort in search, persuasion and leverage of connections and networks so that the right CVs are being sent to the client's office. While some candidates may look suitable for a position on paper and even interview well, the question is did the client see all the "best fits" in the market?.

When a traditional contingent search (fee paid on success) is used and multiple agencies are involved there is often a competitive rush between the agencies to quickly send through any and all suitable, and not so suitable, candidates to the client in the hope to get a lucky hit. Once a shortlist is created by the client, all other agencies without candidates in the process will move on, often leaving many candidates without any feedback and the client interviewing a poorly selected selection of approximate fits made up mostly of candidates who were visible in the market, actively looking and applying to job adverts whilst the "A" list superstar employees are hard at work achieving great things for their current employer and blissfully unaware of other greater opportunities that are available for their tremendous skills. Ultimately a recruitment strategy that is not planned well and does not have the full commitment of the employer and search agency could lead to a mis-hire and more expense, in time and money, in starting the search again.

How Does A Retained Recruitment Service Help The Process Of Recruiting Employees?

A Retained recruitment service adopts a process of building a relationship between the client and recruitment company and therefore guarantees a better overlook of the marketplace - ensuring the best quality of "A" list superstar employees being identified, approached, persuaded and presented to the client. Operating on an exclusive basis, the recruitment process adopts a fully focused approach in a process that is rigorous and contains a shortlist of anything from three to ten names being presented to the client before the interviews take place. From the results that this type of recruitment brings, every company will be left with ideal five to ten candidates to choose from as the most tailor-fit and suitable profiles for the job position.

Why Choose Retained Recruitment at FGD Executive Recruitment?

The retained recruitment service that we offer costs the same as a contingency fee and indeed can be cheaper in the long run, however yields more significant high quality results. With a portion of the fee paid up front before any work has been carried out by the recruiter, a greater accent is put towards the clients business and working in a dedicated manner to serve the clients best interest leading to a

successful hire. We will dive deeper into the type of person a company needs, not only broad skill sets but also taking into account personality, cultural and team dynamics, key motivations and drivers.

  • We will produce a customized search plan with defined timeframes
  • We will leverage our affiliated partners across Asia, Europe, and USA where necessary.
  • We will handle and prepare all Interviews, Negotiations, handling of resignations and counteroffers and much more.
  • We will offer market intelligence and feedback and re-adjust our strategy with your agreement to ensure the process is effective and producing results.
  • You will gain our commitment to help your business grow stronger with the best available talent, and best in Market Guarantees.

At FGD Executive Search, we take pride in exploring all the possibilities available on the marketplace to get you the best “A" list superstar employee candidates for your open job position. Using our expertise focused on market knowledge, industry specific network and global connections, in-house data, web, advertisements as well as external research, selling your available role is what we do through a continuous process.

Retained Recruitment - A Fully Complete Recruitment Solution That Every Company Needs

Guaranteeing you success in the long term, finding a suitable candidate to aid your team and organization when you need it the most is what our recruitment experts at Global Search excel at. Retained recruitment is a process that covers a full research, commitment and professionalism until you have your “A" list superstar employee.

At FGD Executive Search, we are the bridge to new opportunities. With your team being the most important asset towards reaching your business milestones and goals, it is of utmost importance to choose retained recruitment service as the best methodology to find the best hires in the most cost effective manner to yield the highest Return on your Investment.

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