Our Business Partners

Corporate Videography and Content Production

FGD Media collaborates with clients to plan, develop, and deliver high-quality  Corporate Presentations, Events,
Panels, Interviews, including Online Social media Content, Webcasts, Screencasts and Podcasts.

Corporate Videos. Interviews, Webinars, screencasts and podcasts can serve as valuable sales and marketing tools, or as branding, culture and training tools. We can help ensure your Video, be it a Interview with the CEO, a Virtual Training course or Corporate event or podcast is a success—whether that means generating leads, effectively conveying technical information, or as a way to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Our experience in planning and implementing Online and Social Media programs means we can help make your first—and subsequent—Corporate Video, webinar, podcast, Corporate events, PR and presentations a success.

From selecting the right platform, to technical assistance during the production, we're here to help. 

  • Overall  strategy
  • HD Videography Equipment, and Seperate Audio capture and post edit multi camera angle editing, colour grading and studio production for the best quality professional finished product.
  • Platform selection and setup for Virtual Training and Webinars
  • Content creation: scriptwriting, PowerPoint design, video production, titles and Animations
  • Presenter training and rehearsal
  • Online promotions, invitation emails and reminders for webinars
  • Surveying/polling during webinars
  • Technical assistance prior to and during events and recording sessions

Centre of Executive Education (CEE) is an award winning, premier network for established human resource development and consulting firms around the globe which partners with our client to design solutions for leaders at all levels who will navigate the firm through tomorrow's business challenges. CEE has established strategic partnerships with International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) and Executive Development Associates (EDA) as well as a network of Affiliate Partners across the globe.

CEE faculty, consultants and executive coaches are highly credentialed with extensive experience to help managers and executives who are being positioned for future career growth. They are authors, leaders, and each possess an enormous passion for the success and growth that executive development and coaching can bring to our participants.
CEE suite of executive development programs includes management & leadership development, executive coaching, CEO and board mentoring and advisory services. CEE together with our Strategic and Affiliate Partners helps corporate leaders and small business owners optimize their performance and accomplish their business and professional objectives. To maintain competitive advantage and sustain success in a fast-changing business environment, we believe organizations must identify, nurture, and prepare the next generation of high-performance leaders for excellence. To this end, our programs are designed to equip these leaders to support growth, execute change, and develop people to build high performance organizations – leading to increased productivity, exceptional business results, and greater profitability.


Background Checks

People are the biggest business assets to any organization. On the same token, people can also become the biggest business risks and these risks have to be mitigated to avoid consequential damages to the organizations.

Organizations need to ensure that the "right" and "safe" talents are identified before hiring. Unfortunately, these organizations still adhere to age-old practice of character reference checks with references provided by the candidates though they realize this is a pointless exercise.

Studies have shown that more than 20% of CVs or Resumes have some form of discrepancies. The discrepancies can be in several areas and hence the need for them to be channeled through different background checks based on the risks associated with their functions or roles to check their "security" and "integrity" levels. Click on this blog to have an in-depth understanding of why and how companies conduct background screening.  

Quick and hassle-free Account setup, Onboarding and Ordering

Talent Acquisition professionals need to have a candidate quickly screened to be able to hire the person once the person is cleared. Some vendors take very long to set up a new Account for clients, inconvenience them through lengthy necessary documentations and even charge them onboarding and setup fees. Potentially, it can take up to 2 weeks or more before the Requestor can actually start ordering any cases (that include new candidates or current employees or even contractors) to be screened. Avvanz facilitates almost immediate ordering will all necessary documentations put in place.

Cost-effective at short turn-around-time 

Avvanz's price though cost-effective will include consultancy on right approach to background screening, on-boarding, Client Service hotline, Professional Indemnity Insurance, applicant chasing and Business Reports. Avvanz's unique screening workflow is "lean" with elimination of un-necessary steps and that has helped to reduce our turn-around-time (TAT) of the reports. 

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