Sales Team Optimisation

In conjunction with our Regional and Global Partners, First Global Direct are proud to offer world class Sales Team and Leadership Assessment and Optimisation Services. The assessment tools have been designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry over 20+ years. Used in conjunction with our own resources, we have devised a very focused and effective process to approach any Industry, Scenario and Market.

Our most common services are:

  • Sales & Leadership Assessment & Evaluation
  • Sales & Leadership Training & Development
  • Sales & Leadership Workshops & Ongoing Coaching
  • Recruitment & Selection

Sales & Leadership Assessment/Evaluation

The assessment tools have been designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry over the past 20+ years and they continue to enhance and improve these offerings on a continual basis to ensure they are always developing innovative and cutting edge approaches to delivering success.

To date over 650000 sales people globally have been assessed with these tools and more than 9000 sales forces evaluated. The accuracy is upwards of a 96% success rating, the insights unique and the outcomes proven! “To date proven outcomes of raised performance and profitability of clients by as much as 414%!”

The Evaluation Profile

Once the Sales Force Profile has been completed and we have reported to you all the outcomes you will then have the information required to make effective leadership decisions, thereby taking the best and most informed approach to investing in any further training, development or recruitment to enhance the effectiveness of the organisational performance. You will learn many things about your team but here are a few highlights:

  • The current capacity and strength of your existing sales team
  • Whether your current sales team has the skills and capability to deliver your KPI’s
  • The strength and capability of your sales and leadership team to support delivery of your strategy
  • What training and development is required to improve the sales team
  • What improvements you can expect from the team and individuals
  • A structured training and development path and activity for your team members
  • Who will benefit from training and who won’t

This is just a snapshot of the information that we can provide to you.

Recruitment & Selection

Need to expand or replace? We boost your sales team by helping you identify who will sell for you in the future with a 92% predictor of success.

How? We use a candidate selection tool that requires prospective team members to complete a sales evaluation. This evaluation identifies the 26% of high achieving candidates who are also trainable. This way, you know the recruit you are getting is in it for the long haul, knows how to sell and is also willing and able to undergo training and development with minimal resistance.

We also have a tool for qualifying effective sales managers and BDM’s so if you re looking to pad your leadership team with a reliable and successful team member we can help you.

We do the heavy lifting for you and will only send you appropriate recruits to interview to ensure they are the best fit for your company.

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    Global Network
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